MCM Mini with a B16 – Part 3

MCM Mini with a Honda B16

Mighty Car Mods continues to work on their JDM Sleeper Mini project. The Mini is receiving a 1.6 L B16B inline-four from a Honda Civic Type R. This engine produces 184 horsepower which will be plenty for a 1,543 lb (700 kg) vehicle. In this episode the guys work on the intake, exhaust, fuel lines, … Read more

Volvo 244 with an Audi V8

Volvo 244 with an Audi V8

This 1980 Volvo 244 came from the factory with a 2.4 L diesel inline-six however this owner wanted a few more cylinders. The Volvo is now powered by an 4.2 L Audi ABZ V8 which produces 292 horsepower and 279 lb-ft (379 Nm) of torque to the rear wheels. The engine is controlled via a … Read more

Piaggio Ape 50 with a Honda CBR600 Inline-Four

Piaggio Ape 50 with a CBR600 inline-four

The Piaggio Ape three-wheeled light commercial vehicle produced since 1948. A popular modification is swapping the weak engines for much larger motorcycle engines. Gianmarco Gentili owned a Piaggio Ape 50 and after seeing videos of these little beasts racing he decided to build his own in seven months. Gianmarco started by building his own custom … Read more

Ford Transit with a BMW V8

Ford Transit van with a BMW S62B50 V8

Transit Center Motorsport in Poland specialize in building Ford rallycross vehicles. In 2011 they decided to take a used Ford Transit van and in their own words “built the world’s first commercial vehicle built exclusively for drifting.” They call it the “Drift Bus” or “Drift Taxi” and it made its debut in 2011 at RallyCross … Read more

Audi R8 with a Turbo 2.0 L

Audi R8 with a turbo 2.0 L 16v inline-four

This very unique Audi R8 was built by Keith Murray at his company Dialynx Performance to compete in hill climb racing. The engine is a hybrid VAG inline-four consisting of a 2.0 L ALT 20v aluminum block with a 16v ABF head from a Mk3 Golf GTI. Although the 16v head doesn’t breath as well … Read more

1959 Autobianchi Bianchina with a Motorcycle Inline-Four – Part 5

1959 Autobianchi Bianchina with a Motorcycle Inline-Four

When this 1959 Autobianchi Bianchina rolled out of the factory it was powered by a 15 horsepower straight-twin engine. However ItsBenModified plans to upgrade the power plant with a Honda CBR600 inline-four that makes 100 horsepower. The micro car will ride on a custom chassis and narrowed 1993 Miata suspension. Listen as the builder explains … Read more