MGB with a Camaro 3.4 L V6

1974 MGB with a GM 3.4 L L32 V6

BMC British Automobile is a company located in Isanti, Minnesota that restores and works on British cars. Although they install several different engines into many British cars they are best known for installing GM V6 engines into MGBs. This 1974 MGB received one of BMC British Automobile’s conversions. They installed the 3.4 L L32 V6 … Read more

Fox Mustang with a LS1

1990 Mustang LX with a LS1 V8

Matt Farah recently took this 1990 Mustang LX out for a drive in his one-take series. It’s the second time Matt reviewed this particular Mustang. The previous upgraded 5.0 L V8 blew up after the previous video so the owner swapped in a 5.7 L LS1 V8 with LS6 heads and camshaft. The owner also … Read more

Ford Escort Wagon with a 2JZ Update

Ford Escort Van with a 2JZ-GTE inline-six

Mark Murphy has continued to upgrade his wild Ford Mk1 Escort Van from his home in Thailand. If you are unfamiliar with this project Mark purchased the Escort Van to build into a drift machine. Under the hood he installed a 3.0 L Toyota 2JZ-GTE connected to a R154 five-speed transmission. There have been plenty … Read more

Lotus Esprit with a LS3

Lotus Esprit with a LS3

Renegade Hybrids is known for their V8 powered Porsche projects but they recently branched out to build a V8 powered Lotus. This Series 2 Esprit is powered by an E-Rod 6.2 L LS3 crate engine that produces 430 horsepower. Much more power than the 140-160 hp the factory 2.0 L or 2.2 L inline-four produced. … Read more

Nissan R35 GT-R with a RB26/30

Nissan R35 with a RB26/30 inline-six

Darren Kelly is a professional drifter in the D1NZ Drifting Championship Series. For several years he has competed in a R32 and later a R34 but for the new season Darren dreamed of building something that would separate himself from everyone. Darren’s love of Nissan runs deep. So while talking about future drift projects he … Read more

LSx V12 Pricing

1967 Camaro with a V12 LSx

V12LS released a new image of their 8.5 L LSx V12 and how it is shipped to customers. They also answered a question many people have been asking; how much will it cost? They claim a long block “going to be in the mid 30s” so probably somewhere between $34K-$36K. V12LS will reveal more details … Read more