2010 Toyota Tundra with a Twin-turbo Diesel V8

2010 Tundra with a twin-turbo 4.4 L 1VD-FTV diesel V8

Diesel Toys located in San Antonio, Texas has been converting popular SUVs to diesel power since 2004. This 2010 Tundra Crew Max 4×4 came to Diesel Toys to have the factory engine replaced with a twin-turbo 4.5 L 1VD-FTV diesel V8. The engine features Toyota’s D-4D common rail fuel injection technology and produces 261 horsepower … Read more

Chevy C-10 with a Twin-turbo 24v Cummins

Chevy C-10 with a twin-turbo 24v Cummins inline-six

The owner of this third generation Chevy C-10 truck decided to see what it could do at Drag Week. Under the hood sits a 24v Cummins inline-six with a Bosch P7100 injection pump “P-pump conversion” and compound twin-turbo system. All together the system makes 906 horsepower and 1,685 lb-ft of torque. Running through a rear … Read more

1978 Ford Thunderbird with a 545 BBF V8

1978 Ford Thunderbird with a 545 ci big-block Ford V8

The 1978 Ford Thunderbird came from the factory with either a 302 ci V8, 351 ci V8, or a 400 ci V8 which only produced 166 horsepower. Someone decided that his Thunderbird needed a Ford V8 that produced some serious power. Under the hood you will find some serious Ford power coming from a 545 … Read more

Fiat Seicento with a 490 HP Abarth Engine

Fiat Seicento with a turbo 1.4 L T-Jet Abarth 500 engine

The Fiat Seicento was built from 1997–2010 and was powered by either a 899 cc or 1108 cc inline-four. The smaller engine produced 39 horsepower and only 54 horsepower in the larger version. One courageous owner has swapped the factory engine out for something that produces almost 12x the power. The owner decided to install … Read more